Robert Interview

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"Sure, I really like it, because of the whole 'not having a function', but being exactly the size; a replica of it, and the 'photocopy effect'.

Before, when you first showed them, I was going to suggest colouring them, but then...never mind, totally, I love it, the black and white is perfect, and they are all each kind of dented, i really like it a lot.

I could imagine myself - because I don't have an ipod - at parties in LA they always have speakers where you put your ipod, I would probably be the one to bring my ipod and put it right there because I don't like the idea of ipods, just because...

i don't know, they keep on coming out with new ones, and they're always making more money on this one 'idea' of an ipod.

[…] I wouldn't be surprised to find people buying something like this."